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We will make sure your new boiler is Gas Safe Registered on your behalf FREE of charge for you so you are not at risk of a fine.


We can also install high pressure heating and hot water systems for a better performance. Along with standard full heating systems from start to finish. 

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Having a new boiler fitted, its not as easy as just picking a boiler and having it installed it needs be calculated correctly.

This is achieved  by the survey and heat loss calculation carried out by our experts and from the additional information collected around you and your families needs and the way you live and use your property for heat and hot water.

it is at this stage things can go wrong if not identified correctly. This is why the consultation period is so important because we know and understand at tradePip! Having new boiler fitted is a big deal.  

So we understand it needs to be the right boiler for the job to provide the correct output for the property and also cater for your needs to ensure satisfaction this is where we can help plan the equipment needed and how it would be best installed in the correct location and in the best way by our team of experts . 

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